Jubilee Ji

My daughter recently sent me a link to a Jubilee song with an “apna” twist similar to the type of song Raees Khan plays on his breakfast show come Christmas time such as Jingle Bells in a bhangra stylee. Well it brought a smile to my face and so i thought let’s send it to Mr strawberry Shisha himself. Little did i know that the song was produced by one of his colleagues from the BBC and that he had already played it on air!

However the song was not play again as we had a complaint from a listener saying that it was offensive and that we should not play it as it was sung in the tune of one her all time favourite songs Jugni Jee (this video link also has an English translation of the lyrics) by Arif Lohar and Misha Shafi.

We dont always stop playing tracks because listeners complain but it just shows that if you give feedback and get in touch with the radio station we do take note and where ever possible we try to keep everyone happy.

Rememebr your feedback doesnt always have to be negative and we appreciate positive feedback and advice about how we can improve further. Why don’t you click on the contact tab above and give it a try?


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