Mehfil Milad un Nabi 2013 Rochdale

12 Daily Events in the local Masjids around Rochdale.Milaad 13 English

During the Blessed month of Rabi Ul Awwal the Muslims of Rochdale in the town have come together to mark the special occasion on the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Each mosque will hold a special 2 hour programme and you are invited to attend, learn and rejoice in the arrival of the best of all creation.

Everyday 13th January ? 24th January ? 7pm ? 9pm.? Food To be served on the completion of each event.


Sun 13th Birthday Celebrations in the light of the Quran & Sunnah Darul Munawwar, Derby Street
Mon 24th The First of all Creation Jamia Masjid Bilal, Bulwer St*
Tues 15th His impact on the world Jamia Chashtiah, Milkstone Rd*
Wed 16th His life before announcing prophet hood Al Quba Masjid, Trafalghar St
Thurs 17th A mercy to all the universe Faizan e Madina, Foxholes St
Fri 18th How he responded to personal criticism Ghousia Mashid, Albion Rd*
Sat 19th Quranic description as ?A lamp spreading light.? (33:45 ? 46) Golden Mosque, Lower Sherrif Street
Sun 20th Special praised status Jalalia Masjid, Ramsay St
Mon 21st Respect and honour in the light of chapter 49 Surah Hujuraat Jamia Haroonia, Deeplish Rd
Tues 22nd At home with his wife & children Jamia Chashtiah, Milkstone Rd *
Wed 23rd Relationships with non-Muslims Jamia Heddaria, Mitchell St
Thurs 24th The companions and their love for him Jamia Masjid Bilal, Bulwer St*

*Women Welcome

Holy Procession Marking the arrival of the prophet Muhammad (saw) Sunday 27th January 2013. After Zuhr Namaz.

Starting from Darul Maunarwar (Derby St) and ending at Jamia Masjid Bilal (Bulwer Street).

Milaad 13 - Urdu

One thought on “Mehfil Milad un Nabi 2013 Rochdale

  • 4th December 2013 at 2:42 am

    I want to let everyone in the USA that we have an Mehfil e milad In Yuba City Ca on January 18th 2014 from asr. I Have an milad paper email me to get one.

    We cordially invite you and your family to the BLESSED Birthday Celebration of our BELOVED PROPHET Salallahu-Alahi-Wassalam

    Special Guest- Mufti Muhammad Iqbal Chisti- Lahore Pakistan

    Naat Khawn- Saqib Attari and other special naat kahwns from out of states.

    Master of Ceremony: Hafiz Naseer Ahmad Attari

    Local Scholars and Naat Khawns will be coming as well

    Saturday January 18,2014

    Program will begin at Asr.

    Dinner will be served.

    To be held at The Islamic Center of Yuba City 3636 Tierra Buena Rd. Yuba City California.

    For more info/directions please contact Abdul Hameed @(530) 218-3397


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