Eid Jamat Times 24th Sep 2015

EID JAMAATS for website

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Radio Shows

Saturday Special
My Memories of Indo-Pak war 1965 with G.R.Shahzad
Saturday 5th September 2015 6 till 8pm.

We have some amazing line up of shows this Thursday 3.9.15

Islam Aur Hum

Tune in with Baji Maryam for a Special show on 6th September from 5 till 7 pm.

Followed by
The Sufi show by Fawad Waris from 7 till 9 pm

The topic today will be GHAZI ILM DIN SHAHEED R.A

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Ramadan Shows

Special Sehri Till Sehri Show

The sehri till sehri marathon is here, Tune in on  10th july 2015 with Raees Khan, Emran Uddin & Iqra Arain
and donate to help the people of Burma.

Sehri Till Sehri to help Burma

Crescent Aid Appeal

Tune in today Sunday 5th July 2015 to listen to the Crescent Aid Appeal.

Thursday Iftari show

Tune in this Thursday 2nd July 2015 iftari show with Al Mustafa Trust.
As a global charity, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® has spent 30 years ago providing humanitarian aid to the most poorest countries in the world. Their main sector of expertise is in health care where they run medical centres in Pakistan.

Special Evening show with Mariyah
Tune in today 7 till 8pm with Mariyah to listen to Saba Kainat Shahnawaz whose  live on air today 28th june 2015 from 7 til 8pm.

Families Relief believes that Disasters don’t just affect individuals but they affect families and communities.

Families Relief Appeal this Friday 26th june 2105.
Donote and make a difference.

Friday Morning Show
To know about Burma’s history and current situation tune in this friday 10 to 12 with Humera Haqqani.


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Rochdale Hustings on Crescent Radio

On Friday 1st May, Crescent Radio was host to the main party candidates standing for the election of MP for Rochdale.  Those participating were:-

Simon Danczuk – Labour

Andy Kelly – Liberal Demoracts

Muhammad Masud – UKIP

Farooq Ahmed – Rochdale First Party


Azi Ahmed (Conservative), was unable to attend due to a prior engagement.


To listen to the debate, click on the links below.

Presented by:  Raees Khan          Produced by:  Pav Bibi


Crescent Radio Hustings, Part 1 of 3

Crescent Radio Hustings, Part 2 of 3

Crescent Radio Hustings, Part 3 of 3

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August & September Salah Timetables

The Salah timetables for the months of August and September have now been added to the website.

Find it here… http://www.crescentradio.net/salah-times

Or click on the Salah Times tab on the menu.

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