Salah Times

As all timetables are prepared prior to the Islamic month beginning, the Islamic dates may be one day out due to the ambiguity over which day the new Islamic month will commence on. Be assured, we try our best to be as accurate as possible when providing your Salah times.

April 2015 Salah Timetable for Rochdale

Namaz Timetable APR 15

March 2015 Salah Timetable for Rochdale

Namaz Timetable MAR 15
















6 Responses to Salah Times

  1. Hafiz Babar Hussain says:


    Mashallah, apka yeh bohat acha iqdaam he ke apne yeh silsila shuru kia he isterhan other countries ke log be apke programs sun skte hain, acha ap koshish kryn ke mazeed aik tv channel bi start kryn. meri dua he ke Allah apko mazeed kamyaabi atta kry. Ameen

    Hafiz Babar Hussain

  2. marukh says:

    salaam, can you please upload the salah timetable for feb?

  3. Sofie says:

    Can u please upload namaz timetable for April Thankyou

  4. azalabegum says:

    please could you put the ramadan timetable up?


  5. Aysha says:

    Please will you upload the December 2014 Timetable

  6. Aysha says:

    Please will you upload Feb 2015 timetable ..

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