Kashmiri Lives


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Kashmiri Lives is a multi-media project funded by heritage lottery fund.

The aim of the 12 month project is to capture the memories and life experiences of the Kashmiri community in Greater Manchester across three generations.

The project will:
• Research, explore and record stories from the Kashmiri community. They will share their stories about being Kashmiri, migration and life in the UK.
• Record, collect and document the heritage of the community in order to preserve memories of lives lived in Kashmir and in the UK for present and future generations.
• Share heritage to meet a growing need for more information about the Kashmiri community.

To help deliver the project we've recruited a team of volunteers who'll be helping to record up to 30 interviews. These will then be broadcast on Crescent Community Radio, shared online and be part of a touring exhibition.

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Project Co-ordinator - Shams Rehman

Producer – Parveen Bibi