Life in the UK


"The first generation didn't really intend to stay here"




 Once in the UK many found work in the mills.

The first generation had to concentrate on securing accommodation and employment, often sharing houses with other families to reduce costs.

They often shared the house with other working men and worked long hours in the mills.


Arshad was one of the first Kashmiri women

to come to the UK during the second wave of migration.

She recalls what life was like in Oldham.





 Steadily the Kashmiri community began to establish itself in Greater Manchester.

Those who had come to the UK to work called their families over.

A journey which Arshad Rashid still remembers today.

His family settled in Oldham where he still lives now.


The first generation of Kashmiris set up death committees.

Afzal remembers how members of the

community would make a contribution so the body could be buried in Kashmir.