March/Jumada al-Ula Salah Timetable

The Salah timetable for the month of April/Jumada al-Thani has now been added to the website.

Find it here…

Or click on the Salah Times tab on the menu.

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Eid Milad-un-Nabi Juloos

The annual juloos or procession through Rochdale to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) took place on Tuesday 14th January this year – which fell exactly on the 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal 1435 (AH).

The march saw hundreds of people from across the town turn out to show their love and support for Rasool-Allah (saws). Here are just a few pictures from that day, provided courtesy of Zahir Siddique. Continue reading

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Milad-un-Nabi Mehfils in Rochdale Mosques

Here are the details of the daily Milad Mehfils taking place in Rochdale Mosques during the first twelve days of Rabi-ul-Awwal.

Milad Programmes

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December 2013 and January 2014 Salah timetables

Namaz Timetable DEC 13 Namaz Timetable JAN 14

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Eid Jamat Times – Rochdale

Masjid 1stJamat 2ndJamat 3rdJamat
  (w) = Includes women’s Jamat
Al-Amin Islamic Religious Teaching Centre and Mosque, Corbett Street  (Tue) 9.00
Al Furqan Mosque, Philip Street  (Tue) 8.00 9.00 (w)  
Al-Quba Mosque, Trafalgar Street 8.30 (w) 9.00
Bilal Jamia Masjid, Bulwer Street 8.30 (w) 9 30
Central Mosque, Idhara, Mere Street 8:00 9.30 (w)
Darul Ilm, Merefield Street 9.00
Dar ul Munawar – Ghamgholia Jamia Mosque, Derby Street 8.30 9.30 (w)
Dar ul Munawar –Mosque, Crawford Street 9:00
Ghausia Mosque, Sparth Islamic Centre, Albion Road 9.00 (w)
Golden Mosque, Sunehri, Lower Sheriff Street 8.30 (w) 9.30 (w)
Haroonia Islamic Teaching Centre, Deeplish Road 9.00 9:45
Jalalia Mosque, Trafalgar Street (Tue) 8.30 10.00
Jamia Chishtia Munir ul Islam, Milkstone Road 8.30 (w) 10.00 (w)
Jamia Haderia Mosque, Mitchell Street 9.00
Madina Masjid, Church Road 9:00 10:00 (w)
Misbahul Uloom Urdu Centre, Morley Street 9.00
Neeli Masjid and Islamic Centre, Hare Street 8.00 9.30 10.30 (w)
Al-Mustafa Islamic Centre, fishwick st 9:30


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