Parvez Qadir

Parvez’s love for film and theatre stemmed from a young age. Despite his peers aiming for traditionally academic careers, Parvez was more interested in the Arts and creative writing. His passion led him to Salford University where he studied media production. Whilst at university, Parvez experienced working with performers at Edinburgh Fringe Festival which inspired him to pursue acting as a career.

However, Parvez found the roles he was cast in stereotyped him so he decided to go into teaching and become a performing arts lecturer.  Following this, Parvez worked for Royal Exchange Theatre and M6 Theatre, co-creating community-based productions with young people. Parvez loved this way of working and decided to pursue this as a career.

Parvez set up his company ‘Breaking Barriers’ in 2018. He now works with young people to produce educational short films that tackle social issues in the community. His goal is to establish a creative networking platform and support system for young people in Greater Manchester to facilitate the next generation of creatives.


Mobile: 07595433099