Sehri Times

As most of you will no doubt be aware by now, Rochdale has at least two different Sehri times according to which mosque you follow. Crescent Radio will endeavour to keep our listeners informed of all prayer times in a sensative way as possible.

The majority of mosques will continue to follow the Rochdale Council of Mosques (RCM) timetable, however, there are several mosques who now follow an alternative timetable established by Mufti Shams Ul-Hudaa. Here is a list of who we think are following which timetable. If there is a mistake, please email

Crescent Radio would like to promote tolerance and respect with regards to difference of opinion over times for Sehri. This will be reflected in our Fajr time announcements. Differences should not be a cause for disunity, rather, unity is a result of coming together despite our differences.

Thank you.

RCM Sehri Times Shams-ul-Huda Sehri Times
Al-Amin Mosque Jamia Chishtia
Al-Quba Masjid Faizanay Madina
Bilal Jamia Mosque
Ghamgolia Sharif
Golden Mosque
Haidria Masjid
Haroonia Mosque
Idara Central Mosque
Jalalia Masjid
Neeli MasjidGhosia Mosque

Al-Furqan Masjid

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  • Aisha

    Salam,i just wanted to report a problem with the salah times page, i have visited the page a couple of times and it is not displaying the salah times calenders for the month, please can u update the page as i check the times on the page


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