Assalamu alaikum,

Due to this uncertain period that we face here in the UK, please be assured that the government and our council will endeavor to support us wherever possible.

We at Crescent Community Radio are working hard to keep you, our listeners, informed of the latest developments of the Coronavirus pandemic here in Rochdale and how you can get help and advice.

We have launched our helpline (which is in its early stages at the moment) and will soon be available at all times for you to use if required.

The helpline number is 07817 229862.

We will get through this inshaa-Allah.

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? Isolation can be scary for people living with domestic abuse.
? If you are living with domestic abuse, you can get confidential telephone support and safety planning help.
? Call Rochdale Victim Support on 07944 665 212 or call Safenet on 0300 303 3581

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