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“Crescent radio changed my life…”

‘Crescent Radio changed my life..’ so declared Raees Khan at his leaving party. ‘It all started with me emailing Faheem after listening to one of my favourite shows on Crescent Radio, the Sufi Show.’ One thing lead to another and before you know it eight years had elapsed. We wish Raees all the best in his new job at the BBC, recording writing and presenting on various shows. Before you know it the multi talented Raees Khan will be a shoe-in for the DG job!

The big voice himself.

amongst friends…

and more friends…

And no leaving party is complete without a chocolate cake, expertly sliced by Mr Faheem…..




2 thoughts on ““Crescent radio changed my life…”

  • shigufta

    so sad to hear Raees go,but alhamduliah he has kept us entertained in the morning show x good luck at the BBc!!

  • shahid yousf

    I m listener from srinagar Kashmir,,,mashallah U R all doing great job,,,I m listening this Crescent radio everyday in the evening,,,,,,dua karo hamara Kashmir aazad hou jayai in kaafiroun say,,,,,, ,,,and salaam to all of U there,,,,Ahmad mumtaz,,,abid bhai,,rayees bhi,,,,baji yasmeen,,,,


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