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Jaloos 2007 Rocdale
Front of the Jaloos 2007 Rochdale

Welcome to the all new Crescent Blog, this is a new regular feature on Crescent’s web home and it’s my opportunity to fill you guys in on what’s happening here at Crescent and what you can expect to look out for in coming weeks.
As you may have noticed, the Crescent Community Radio website is currently undergoing an extreme make-over.
Well it’s not exactly Trinny and Suzzanah you’ve got to thank, it’s all thanks to our awesome Technical Team and if all goes well, you’ll soon have a far more interactive website with discussion forums, articles, features and even downloadable highlights of your favourite shows.
Our resident Techies assure me this won’t take long, however I’m less optimistic of their enthusiasm! But Inshallah the new and improved website will be rolled out for you guys as soon as it’s ready.
Milad has flown past and as always, Crescent Community Radio was there in the thick of it broadcasting a selection of special programmes throughout the holy fortnight. Crescent Radio’s Annual Milad Jaloos saw Rochdale’s community spirit in full flow! With a bigger and better procession than the previous year, we can only look forward to next year’s with baited breath!

The public of Rochdale during the Jaloos
The public of Rochdale during the Jaloos

You may have noticed a few changes to the Crescent schedule. Shows have been lengthened and made more

interactive to give you the listener a better quality of programming. CCR’s most popular shows, Naatun Ka

Gulshan and Drive Time, have been extended to three hours. Remember, Crescent Radio is YOUR community station. If you have any views, comments, recommendations or you just want to have a moan about

anything, drop me a line on
But until next time, keep smiling and keep tuned!