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It is with regret that we have to inform you that the launch of Crescent Radio’s Talk Of The Town this Thursday night has been cancelled indefinitely.
However, watch this space and it should be back on the horizon soon. Thanks to those who expressed an interest in attending, and all the people behind the scenes who put in so much hard work and effort.
Raees Khan / on behalf of the Talk Of The Town Team



We will soon be launching a new talk show called “Talk of the Town” in the style of BBC's Question Time to be recorded and broadcast on Crescent Community Radio 97.0FM.

Each month we will be visiting a different community centre to host the show in a different ward of Rochdale.

There will be a live studio audience made up of members of the community and a specialist panel engaging in a lively discussion.

The shows will be hosted by Raees Khan and Parveen Yaqub –two of our most experience and professional presenters.

The first Topic of discussion will be:


With special guest Rasheed from the Channel 4 documentary Make Bradford British.

What does it mean to be “British”?

Are you British… or Asian?

Have a look at this excellent video on the issue of identity:

British or Muslim – ISB e-circle


The first show will be held on Thursday 14th June at the Crescent Centre, 1 Devon street at 6:30pm. If you would like to attend in person and be part of the audience then please leave your name, email and number in the  LEAVE A REPLY box below and you will be added to our guest list. Please note your details will NOT be published.



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  • Dobir Miah

    Inshaallah if you have any more spaces i’d like to be in the audience ofr the talk of the town!


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